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tildeblogs with bashblog

bashblog has some outstanding bugs that we haven't had time to fix. it still mostly works, but we wouldn't mind help fixing the issues.

bashblog is available system-wide as bb

tildeblogs can be built with bashblog

change to your ~/public_html/blog directory: cd ~/public_html/blog (bashblog will do this for you if you forget)


  1. bb post

  2. write a post (it will open your preferred $EDITOR for you, so make sure it's set)

  3. save, close, and then select from the bashblog menu choices


edit the .config file to change the name and url and other settings for your blog

for an example of customization, see ~ben's blog (config source).

for more details: see the bashblog repo

if you have any improvements/bugfixes, feel free to open a PR!

of course, you're free to use any other blogging software :)