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  1. adding users
  2. backups
  3. bypassing resource limits as services user
  4. runaway processes/excessive resource usage

adding users

see the makeuser script's documentation

the signup page (source) writes makeuser commands into /var/signups.

once you've looked through signups and removed spam (by just commenting that line in the signups file), you can run

sh /var/signups

and enter your sudo password to approve all pending requests


for hosted services that formerly lived in /home/services, see /opt.

other projects that are installed with a make install type of install can now be found in /usr/local/src.

as needed, feel free to git pull and make install. for hosted services like tilde.news and pad.tildeverse.org, be sure to check release notes, fetch from upstream, and rebase any commit sets we keep on top.


tilde.team uses borg (via borgmatic) for backups and is configured to save 7 daily backups, 4 weekly backups, 6 monthly, and 1 yearly backup. backups run once daily during the night.

to see a list of the backups:

sudo borgmatic list

to see general backup stats:

sudo borgmatic info

to restore a backup:

sudo borgmatic extract --archive <archive name> --progress --path /path/to/restore

we keep backups of:

bypassing resource limits

(by ~khuxkm)

So occasionally, when you're working with the services user, you'll run into "error: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable" errors.

Here's how to fix it:

07:11 <~khuxkm>  so this is seriously dumb
07:11 <~khuxkm>  so how you fix limits is
07:12 <~khuxkm>  sudo -iu services
07:12 <~khuxkm>  use ps -aux to find the bash process ("-bash")
07:12 <~khuxkm>  then `sudo prlimit --pid <pid> --nproc 1000000:100000000`
07:12 <~khuxkm>  then do what you need to do
07:12 <~khuxkm>  then exit the bash session

runaway processes

if a user consistently uses a lot of resources, send them a note via email to request that they mind their usage levels. if they fail to respond within a day or two, feel free to kill the process by pid or with killall. if they resume using excessive resources and haven't responded to communications, then feel free to lock them out by changing their shell to /usr/sbin/nologin.

sudo chsh -s /usr/sbin/nologin <username>

don't forget to kill their existing session with:

sudo loginctl terminate-user <username>