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git diff-highlight

diff output from git can be hard to read. luckily there’s a nice tool bundled with git that can help us out. enter diff-highlight, a little perl script found in git’s contrib directory.


sqlite3 for wordpress

sqlite3 for wordpress running wordpress with sqlite is quick, easy, and can be much less system administration load as it eliminates the need for a separate database process running. this site is currently running with sqlite using aaemnnosttv’s drop-in.


Matrix Sucks

i’ve gotten sick of explaining why matrix is bad over and over so i’m gathering my thoughts and some points here and publishing it so i can link to it.


Update Adventures

here’s the longer version about the outage on august 24, 2021: after finishing the package upgrades on my proxmox hosts for the new release (proxmox 7.0, corresponding to debian 11/bullseye), i typed reboot and pressed enter, crossing my fingers that it would come back up as expected.


hugo blog rewrite

i finally got sick of some outstanding bashblog bugs and decided to rewrite my blog with hugo why fix something that ain’t broken? there are several major bugs in bashblog that i haven’t had the time or interest to fix.


mastodon postgres upgrade fun

howdy friends! if you’re a mastodon user on (the tildeverse mastodon instance), you might’ve noticed some downtime recently. here’s a quick recap of what went down during the upgrade process.


default branch name

changing git’s default branch name has come up recently as an easy action we can take to update our language and remove harmful ideas from our daily usage. i’m concerned that this effort to change the language used is ultimately a symbolic gesture to avoid scrutiny into actual change (notably github’s push for this change and continued contracts with ICE).


tools and services

inspired by tomasino’s recent post, i’d like to detail some of the stuff that i rent and use. recurring costs some of these are monthly, others are annual server rental $135/month, 64gb model, 2yr contract discount proxmox - my preferred hypervisor.


general update

it’s been quite a long time since i posted anything here on this blog. i’ve been playing with gruvbox-css, decided to switch my blog to use it and finally realized it’s been almost a year since i posted anything at all.


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