weechat setup


so you decided to switch from irssi to weechat?

what options do you need to set? what plugins? what scripts?

i’ll go over some of the most essential of these, and share my full configs.



these scripts can be managed with the built in /script tool. press i, then enter on the selected script to install it.

the rest of my configs

you can find the rest of my configs here.

if you have any questions, feel free to ping me on irc. i’m ben on libera and tilde.chat


here’s a screenshot of my current configs


if you have an existing setup, you can check the config changes you’ve made with /set diff

additionally, feel free to use my .gitignore, add your ~/.weechat to source control, and compare.

hope you’ve enjoyed customizing your weechat!

EDIT: s/freenode/libera/g