dozens dreams


This is a dream log.

  1. Genesis
  2. Learnings
  3. Dream Magic
  4. How To Dream
  5. How To Recall Them

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After the onset of coronavirus I started having vivid and intense dreams that stayed firmly set in my memory long after waking. This is not usual for me. I decided to start writing them down both to document what my brain is doing during these strange times, and also so I can study, notice, and think about any recurring patterns or motifs.


Dreams are thoughts you don’t consciously intend to have.

Recurring dreams, settings, and motifs are repeated unintended thoughts.

Thinking unintended thoughts and then reflecting on them is no different than conversing with an external entity. Most like reading a book or watching a film.

You can learn from and be changed by these conversations.

Dream Magic

As tersely as possible, magic is the exertion of one’s will on reality.

That is, magic is the use of willpower to affect one’s consciousness and unconsciousness, in order to change the way one is present in and interacts with the world.

Tangible example: sustained and focused meditation alters your brain chemistry and enhances cognition. This changes the way your brain works and changes how you move through the world. Achieving and maintaining a meditative state is the first step in many magical practices.

Dreams can change how you think. They can influence how you interact with people and what you say to them. They can cause you to find significance in events and patterns. Choosing to not participate actively in your dream life is equal to having magic performed on you by some other entity.

By choosing to be active in your dream life, by shaping and recording and interpreting your dreams, you can begin to perform that dream magic yourself instead of being an unwilling participant. You can willfully create your own significance in the patterns of your dreams, and allow them to soak into your unconsciousness. And from there, only the symbols to which you assign value may start to work change on your consciousness and your waking world.

How To Dream

Do not consume caffeine or alcohol.

Lie on your back and say with intention, I will remember my dreams.

When you start to drift off, gently wiggle and tap your fingers. Repeat this as many times as you can in order to maintain a modicum of consciousness while dreaming.

How To Recall Them

With a voice recorder or a recording app. Keep it handy, nearby on your night stand.

By writing them down. Make a daily habit of sitting down to write first thing in the morning. Even if you don’t remember your dreams, write down, “I don’t remember my dream.” This will set the intent of remembering.

Develop strength through practice in remembering backwards. Of surfacing older memories from recent memories.