Welcome to the evil lair of Dr-WaSaBi

What happens when WaSaBi becomes sentient... and goes BAD!!

If you must, you can email me drwasabi@tilde.team

Current Evil Plans: 🙈🙉🙊

About Me:🤷‍♂️

Never know what to say to that question. Got my first computer in 1981. A Commodore VIC-20. Oh the fun of trying to fill up that 3.5 K of free memory🤣. Miss all my old computers now. Yeah I'm pretty old.

Still love to play D&D.

Been really getting into keyboards lately. Got my first nice real machincal one a few weeks ago and have already had to order a second one. First one has gateron blues, and the the 2nd has gateron reds. Very differnt to type on.


  • Setting up this web page. Learning HTML and CSS. I guess some PHP again as well
  • Playing with my new ChromeBook
  • Getting into new Keyboards, clicky.
  • Gitea for Dr. WaSaBi
  • dotenv repo
  • VS Code
  • WSL/2 and Docker 🐱‍💻
  • AWK / grep / regex
  • The History of *nix systems 🖨️

Fun Stuff:🎉

  • Exploring nvim. It's amazing how fast you loss something when you stop using everyday. 🤪Crazy!
  • Can't wait for AOC2021, need to pick something new to write in. Or maybe go old school and try Fortran or Pascal??
  • Pinball Picker - Coin Slot Games

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by Lou Ellen Davis

"But you're out of your mind," They said with a shrug. "The customer's happy; What's one little bug?"

But he was determined. The others went home. He spread out the program, Deserted, alone.

The cleaning men came, The whole room was cluttered With memory-dumps, punch cards. "I'm close," he muttered.

The mumbling got louder, Simple deduction, "I've got it, it's right, Just change one instruction."

It still wasn't perfect, As year followed year, And strangers would comment, "Is that guy still here?"

He died at the console, Of hunger and thirst. Next day he was buried, Face down, nine-edge first.

And the last bug in sight, An ant passing by, Saluted his tombstone, And whispered, "Nice try."