Ich moechte ein Eisbaer sein…

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1. Ich moechte ein Eisbaer sein…

Dear internet user, I hope you are having a good time on my little tilde page. I can offer you some very nice hacking… Yeah! My preferred editor is emacs. I really like its org-mode. Org-mode is the reason why this page is so well formated. Another thing I like about emacs is that it has the EIN plugin. It makes editing jupyter notebooks very comfortable. Enough advertising. Time for some content. :)

1.1. emacs

I happen to write some elisp myself. Enjoy it!

1.2. python

Here is a proxy checker in python.

1.3. tildegit

This is my tildegit profile.

1.4. cool internet stuff

Author: eisbaer

Created: 2022-11-08 Tue 14:22