I am in college so it is a good chance that I won't reliably update this\nanways here are some website

why did i think that it was a good idea to compile everything on this old ass thinkpad

never mind i gave up on gentoo

>!My site!<

At the moment my site is not up, refer to this for anything else

inlieu of my currently nonexisten website, here are most of the pages that I had on it

  • Politics
  • Why Free and Open Source Software
  • Software
  • Music
  • Other interesting sites
  • About Me

  • Tech/Privacy related site websites

    Disclaimer; I can not necesarly vouch for all of the following sites beleifs, I am putting them here because certain portions of them may be educational, helpful, or just a generally good resource. The respective owners of the following sites are NOT a 1:1 reflection of my beliefs

    will soon be giving a desription of them

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