Unnamed Flight Sim

This little flight sim was an experiment in writing 3D games for limited platforms. It was specifically designed to be able to run comfortably on a Raspberry Pi Zero (version one), which it does.

Initially, I was planning to make something in the mould of Sky Rogue and Ace Combat. A lot of the motivation came from not being able to run Sky Rogue on my laptop, it's surprisingly demanding. As things turned out, I never got around to implementing any of the game mechanics for that because I was having too much fun just flying around at random.

The game has split-screen local multiplayer if you have a controller connected.

Screenshot: flying low past a tree and some weird geology
Screenshot: diving dramatically toward the coast


Source code is available from a link below. The game is designed to be cross platform but I've only got around to building it on Linux systems. README.md gives more instructions.


Source code


GPL v3.