Digital Painting

This is a gallery of some highlights from my several years of digital art. Many of these are from my period of daily doodling, which ran from 2015 to 2021, and a few from bursts of inspiration since. All images are my own, made using digital brushes and sometimes photo references.

All of these are pieces I'm particularly happy with, but I've deliberately included plenty of older pieces to show how I learned. I've always found it reassuring when artists I look up to post older work and I can see that there were once things they were bad at, too! For pieces where I have a record, I've also included how long it took to make, to give an idea of the effort it took, and how much faster I got with time.

All images licensed CC BY-SA 4.0. I do not want them used to train machine learning or “AI” image synthesis tools, and expect that these license terms will be sufficiently inconvenient to dissuade companies from doing so. If you want free art, push for a society where everyone can afford the time to practice art if they desire!

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


“Suit” Grayscale mountain lion wearing a spacesuit with dramatic moody lighting.


“Data Ghost” Cartoon of a mountain lion with glitchy, stylised holographic wings. (~45 minutes)


“Self Help Manual” Mocked-up book cover in the style of the “...for Dummies” series, “Social Interaction for Tired Animals, 2nd Edition, A Catalogue for the Confused of Us!” with a cartoon of a mountain lion. (~1 hour 13 minutes)

“Sketching Our Neighbour” Watercolour-style painting of a black cat sitting in part of an overgrown garden. (~58 minutes)

Colour code page 437 (“ASCII”) cartoon of Xenia, the trans fox girl Linux mascot. (~1 hour)

Colour code page 437 (“ASCII”) cartoon of a spaceship named “Got Gravitas?” (~1 hour 10 minutes)

“Space Ferrets” Cartoon of a ferret engineer working on a spaceship, with a speech bubble, “What the heck are you messing with those relics for?” “Relics? Tch, we're still flyin' units like these as tertiary backups! If I end up sat with the manual when we need 'em, it'll be a very Bad Day! Modern stuff takes care of itself some, this old tech certainly won't.” (~1 hour 23 minutes)


Coloured cartoon of a table-top RPG character named Eofelia, who is a feminine anthropomorphic clouded leopard, wearing casual clothing and a pride flag badge.

“Vision” Somewhat abstract three panel comic from the point of view of someone in a lab turning from human to mountain lion, intended to highlight the differences in visual acuity between both species.

“Nap” Coloured cartoon of a mountain lion lying on the branch of a tree, one eye opened mischievously. (~50 minutes)

“Leggy” Black and white cartoon of a cheetah, seen from the side, captioned “I am highly specialised at being a strange shape.” (~20 minutes)

“Dragons” Slightly abstract view of a town at the side of a river at night, with a bridge across the river as a backdrop and a dragon sitting on each of the two support pillars. (~1 hour 25 minutes)

“Foxpad” Coloured cartoon of a tiny Thinkpad-style laptop, with just enough keys to type the instant message on it's screen, “aaaAAA!!1” (~35 minutes)

Coloured cartoon of a wolf's face. (~45 minutes)

Grayscale side view of a mountain lion's face, based closely on a reference photo. (~1 hour 15 minutes)


“Scribble Dragon IV” Robot dragon with a large glass eye that a small camera lens can rotate around inside, and various metal and rubber industrial elements. (~53 minutes)

“King of Gothic” Coloured cartoon of a king cheetah thinking, “so gothic.” (~37 minutes)

“Strange Hybrid” Rough cartoon of a half badger, half bagless vacuum cleaner, with a large “Boover” logo. (~20 minutes)

“Art Wand” Vector graphics image of a Wacom stylus. (~1 hour)

“Lazy Evening” Lioness lying in front of a computer, apparently set up for their use, while they stare into the camera. (~2 hours 25 minutes)


Side view of a mountain lion on a white background. (~1 hour)

“Airport Incompatible Computer XII” Concept painting of the Mad-scientist's DIY laptop. (~1 hour 30 minutes)

“A Bumbling Fool?” Cartoon of a knight riding a bumble-bee, captioned “hi-ho, worker 65978!” (~30 minutes)

“On the Verge” View from inside a futuristic spaceship cockpit, with a huge space station outside and a prominent throttle lever. (~1 hour 45 minutes)


“The Long Heist” Cartoon of a buried robot that has a drill and a grabbing art, with a thought bubble that says “14 times 10 to the power of 10 seconds until life evolves cookies to steal...”

Somewhat abstract landscape with towering white clouds above.

Somewhat abstract beach, where waves lap over an open tin can whose label says “tinned ocean”.

“Park Type Dark” Somewhat abstract urban park with a placid river at night, lit by street lamps.


A feminine white-skinned person with long brown hair wearing a floor-length green dress, seen from behind.

“Autumn Mist” Tree-covered landscape reflecting in a lake, mostly obscured by mist.

“Lamp” A blue glass ceiling light against a fuzzy tan background.

“Dreams” The word “impossible” in bold upper-case letters over a white background, each letter is a window to a collection of fantastical landscapes.

“Cloaked Avenger” Comic-book style silhouette of a person in a long cape shooting a mirror with a sci-fi gun, captioned “mirror mirror on the wall, telling me of warts and all, eat this!”