Mastostream console Mastodon viewer

This is a crude client for Mastodon, loosely based on the command line client Toot.

Toot's homepage

Mastostream's speciality is providing a very minimal way of keeping up with posts, doing a couple of simple on-the-fly actions like favouriting or responding to polls, and bookmarking anything you want to reply to properly for later. The place on the timeline you read to is automatically saved so that the client can resume showing you toots wherever you left off.



Edit the configuration values at the top of to set your instance and preferred media viewing programs. You should then be able to run it in a terminal:

$ python3

I've tested Mastostream on Linux, it will likely work on OS X, and in theory it supports Windows but I haven't tested it there.


Source code zip

When first run Mastostream will ask you to log in, hopefully the instructions it gives are fairly clear. The process is:

Screen: instance confirmation dialogs and application description
Screenshot: just after logging in
Screenshot: annotated Mastostream post view

Mastostream displays a list of key bindings below posts, these are:

Visibility icons:

Reply icons:


GPL v3.