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St. Louis

November 04, 2018 — ~jeschust
I'm in St. Louis this weekend, I'm having a great time! I put some time in on The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot at the Silver Ballroom and tomorrow will be going to Brunch at the French place. We also went through some rural zones, stopped at a flea market, I bought a very clean Stenograph for $11 and ate some delicious BBQ from a man with one of those smokers you pull behind a pickup truck. All around, I give the weekend five stars on yelp.

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October 17, 2018 — ~jeschust

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list of things to buy

October 16, 2018 — ~jeschust

I'm on the last 4 pages of my notebook. Need to order another or I'll have to find a legal pad lying around somewhere in the office. Good luck indexing that or reading any notes on that any later than a week!

coffee beans: last batch of Intelligentsia I bought at Mariano's was stale af, roasted almost a month and a half before I bought it. I guess compared to Hills Bros it was okay but not for $13.99/lb! What a rip! Next time I'll get some Groundswell beans and pay the premium for in-neighborhood roasting. at least it'll actually be fresh

a thing of nuts:really tore into the trail mix last week, need to keep a thing of nuts in the apartment.

cities skylines industry expansion dlc : finally something to do for my educated workers besides going to an office. also production chain management! It's always off the chain

more pants: could always use some more pants

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Second Post!!

October 16, 2018 — ~jeschust

What will I even write about in this blog? How many times can I be like "hey I'm editing this in vim!"? Only time will tell.

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First Post!!!

October 16, 2018 — ~jeschust

The rest of the text file is a Markdown blog post. The process will continue as soon as you exit your editor.

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