Open Source Projects#

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I develop and maintain a few open source projects, mainly python libraries. Here are a few of the most interesting ones:


My largest project is currently requests-cache, which is an HTTP caching library for python.


I also work on a number of projects related to biodiversity data. The most mature of these is pyinaturalist, which is a python library for interacting with iNaturalist.


A related but less mature project I’m currently developing is Naturtag, which is a desktop application and CLI tool for nature photographers. Its goal is to simplify photography workflow and organization by embedding useful biodiversity metadata into image files using XMP and Darwin Core.

It’s a really fun project to work on, because I’m primarily making it for myself, and it’s in a relatively small niche that no other tools (that I know of) currently fill.


Getting involved#

If you are a python developer looking for ways to get involved in open source, I am willing to mentor new contributors on any of these projects. Feel free to reach out either here or on GitHub.