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void @ 3dot14

This machine currently runs Void Linux (musl) with a hacked up `dwm` as the window manager. The terminal is good ol' `xterm`, with `loksh`* as the shell.

* loksh: the OpenBSD ksh ported to Linux.

I use paleta to apply my home-brewed* colorschemes to all terminals on startup. Nearly everything is done from the terminal, with the exception of my browsing, for which I use Firefox or netsurf.

The fetch program is rsfetch, which I've contributed to in the past. It's not written in shell, but in Rust, which makes it much faster than, say, Neofetch or even ufetch.

* home-brewed... sort of. colorschemes are actually generated by imagemagick, which I then edit to suit my taste.

The bar is polybar, with ttyp0 as it's font. Since I don't care for icons, no additional font is used. Less is more.

For Rust/C development, Neovim is used as the editor. Weechat is used for IRC communication with most of the interface disabled -- ii/sic is just too minimalistic for actual use.

Boot times are insanely fast -- less that 1 second on my laptop, 5 seconds average for my Raspberry Pi Zero W. This is due to Void Linux using runit as it's init system instead of systemd.

My dotfiles, BTW, all managed using git. When I first started making backups of my dotfiles to GitHub, I didn't know about GNU Stow. Now that my dotfile size is increasing it's becoming increasingly harder to properly manage them with git alone. Eventually I'll have to switch to Stow, but for now, I'm not changing anything.


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