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I'm done with DWM

DWM is a pretty good window manager. Glorious master-slave tiling layout, builtin floating, hackable source, nice community, great selection of patches, fast, and suckless.

Unfortunately, configuration is in the source. I usually don't mind this, but recently when changing colorschemes I started tweaking the color of my borders. It was incredibly annoying to have to stop my X session, change colors, start dwm, and if I didn't like how it looked, repeat the process.

Also, while the DWM source is very readable and easy to modify (most of the time, anyway), I don't really like doing casual coding in C, since I have to worry about buffer overflows and segmentation faults.

I started looking for another window manager.

I tried to install StumpWM, but couldn't compile SBCL. I gave up on it and decided to try Awesome instead. (After all, it's basically DWM but with a Lua API added, and I'd far rather do my configuration in Lua than in C, even if the standard library is a bit sparse. Lua rocks!)

My first impression with Awesome wasn't a good one, mostly due to all the extra junk it comes with by default (titlebars, infobars, launchers), it was a bit laggy on my slow hardware. It took me a while to strip it all out.

Still, I continued, and in a few hours with the help of random SO answers and the AwesomeWM documentation, I finally had something going. I'm still not sure if I'll just end up returning to DWM, but let's see how this experiment goes. I still bunch of stuff I want to do, but since I'm not familiar with the Lua API it's going to take quite a while.

And now for the screenshot:

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