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Status update: 2020-05-12

Well, I'm back on DWM. AwesomeWM's Lua extensibility and ability to simply run pkill -1 awesome to reload the configuration is a huge improvement over DWM for me, but unfortunately it was extremely laggy on my RPi. I don't want to be using Awesome on my main laptop and DWM on my RPi, so I decided to stick with DWM on both machines. I may write an Xresources patch for DWM, though, to ease my pain :)

Oh, and I'm trying out Emacs! While I'm usually an outspoken, anti-Emacs FUD spreader, after hearing (and trying out) Emacs' glorious org-mode, and getting interested in elisp (and Lisp in general), I've decided to force myself to use Emacs (with EVIL mode obviously, as raw Emacs was clearly designed with centipede in mind) for a week or so and then contemplate a full switch. I'm optimistic so far: Emacs' extensibility with (Neo)Vim's interface should be a good match. I guess Spacemacs was right after all: the best editor is not Emacs or Vim, it's Emacs and Vim!

    <kiedtl> as Spacemacs says
    <kiedtl> the best editor is not emacs or vim
    <kiedtl> the best editor is emacs and vim
<emacslover> uhg
           * emacslover pukes

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