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I forgot I had this account... AGAIN...

November 25, 2019 — kirch

Look, I'm not much of a blogger, ok? I "don't have anything to say" unless I sit down and start typing it out; but since I "don't" have anything to say I never start... Whelp, here's a big ol' dump of an update....

Kiddo's basically OUT of MineTest. He spent too much time watching Minecraft videos on youtube and begging for all the mods he saw there (and he got a tablet for his birthday, not from me) so he's got the minecraft app on there to satisfy him... but he wasn't satisfied and began to pesters me for all the mods he sees in Minecract videos on youtube... so I tell him "I'll look into it" but then I forget about it until he asks again and I tell him I still don't know. The other day he was asking, and googling, for "How to hack into Jelly's Minecraft World," apparently one of the Youtubers he watches frequently for all the "Epic Minecraft Pranks" that the kid adores... even though he's not on a minecraft server... even though he's been told repeatedly about ettiquete... even though both his parents have talked to him about it (they seem to listen to her better than they do me... unless I'm yelling, which I don't want to do.) He keeps asking me to teach him how I do my coding stuff, but he doesn't pay attention (see the not listening unless yelling parenthetical). Heck, the kid can't even tie his own shoes (he doesn't pay attention when you show him something, so invents what he imagines he saw - Cookie Monster has been over this).... but that's enough griping about the kid... (I really hate Minecraft after all this)

I'm doing NaNoGenMo again.

I'm working full-time with benefits again... for now... hopefully it'll last a while (but I'm slacking off at work to write this, oh well.)

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Time keeps on tickin... tickin... tickin...

April 19, 2019 — kirch

As time keeps on tickin' into the future, I keep avoiding what I /should/ be doing in favor of survival and maintaining a veneer of sanity. Unfortunately my Yardstick of Sanity measures differently than other peoples, so I shall relay to you what has been distracting me so verily.


I'm working on converting an old text-based game into a rogue, so I've been trying to study up on roguelikes (and get past the mines in nethack, apparently) - I've got a short proof-of-concept/robot-finds-kitten-clone (which at the time of writing doesn't change levels appropriately) - but it's made using rot-js and you can play it over on

The Phenomenon of Interpretation

Matters not what word brain logic language for brain grok language. No understand? maybe. maybe not. Brain no logic, brain interpret. Brain invent sense where nonsense. Be looking Aphasia, see doctors help. Imagine bad time when no doctors help, patients hurt. This too:

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteres are at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a tatol mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe.

Perception dictates reality - logophilia - oulipo - interpretation - Meta-understanding. Nothing matters. Just try.

Jeopardy (and Lurch, in general)

I've been playing with the pinhook framework, and trying to do some NLP with the jeopardy function (so it follows the rules of answers instead of just fuzzy-matching from the user's answer to the supplied one) - but I don't wanna waste system resources to provide accuracy, and people in the channel demand more accuracy and more leniency at the same time (because of hard problems in AI/understanding that I don't wanna resolve for a fun lil' hack) - anywho, Lurch's source is available on tildegit

The Dead "Darkweb" & More

The web used to be mostly dark - BBSes where you needed to know the phone number (And might find other BBSes to find more phone numbers) to dial in to get files, information, free information - for the price of discovery and long-distance service. Soon this was replaced with newsgroups & gopherholes with better discovery methods. Then the world-wide-web hit, with school computers, pubnix and geocities, all sorts of ways to create your own sites, and web directories and search engines A lot of this is no longer on the web, but a lot has been saved by The Internet Archive - even things that didn't necessarily get a nice front-page link from their host. There's no way to know how much was lost, but I'm glad we have

Community Headaches

Blinkenshell, man - what is UP with people thinking they own blinkenshell and can terrorize the community they're supposed to belong to? (Or, claim to belong to and demand co-equal treatment to people who actually follow the rules) I don't wanna play bad irCop, I just want people to climb out of their own anus and be nice to eachother - if it were my server the banhammer might come down a bit harder/faster, but I'm just trying to help build a community - why is that so hard?

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A new method for evaluating blockchain projects.

January 02, 2019 — kirch
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |        Is this a blockchain project?          |
    |                                               |
    |      Yes                            No        |
    |       +                              +        |
            |                              |
            |                              |
            |                              |
            |                              |
     +------+------------+       +---------+--------+
     |                   |       |                  |
     |                   |       |                  |
     |   It's useless    |       |  It might be OK  |
     |                   |       |                  |
     |                   |       |                  |
     +-------------------+       +------------------+

tags: satire, snark, flowchart, blockchain

Figuring It Out

November 15, 2018 — kirch

I've got the local gopherhole sorted, and have started saving a few things there for posterity. I've been working on another gopherhole, which was originally hosted with pygopherd but as far as I'm aware, there's no documentation or active development there. So I began playing with Gophernicus 1.4 which didn't "Just Work" as the INSTALL file suggested it would after creating a *.deb package - so I found Gophernicus 2.4 which again didn't "Just Work" as the INSTALL file suggested after creating a *.deb package.

So now I'm figuring it out, and I'm sure I'm annoying as well as the small crew here.

BTW - Check out Gopher.Zone

tags: gopher, system administation, installation, gophernicus

Minetest and

October 09, 2018 — kirch

Whelp, I can't connect to the minetest server on, I can't seem to authenticate/signup... And my home minetest setup is mysteriously ignoring the initial world I created for local play so I had to setup a new world and lose all my progress/exploration.... And I'm not sure why doesn't do anything to my gopherhole, even though it's been seemingly modified to do so....

I suppose I should be on the chat to talk about such things - but since I was already playing with I'm here, so whatever.

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Starting Minetest with the kiddos

September 08, 2018 — kirch

Installed Minetest last night, and showed the kiddo this morning, still hunting for some fun mods for us to play locally. The eldest is very excited, yelling in my ear every time we find something new, almost went deaf when we discovered a dungeon. Last night I fell into a hole, and couldn't teleport or anything, all I could see was a tiny dot of sky above me, So I reset the game - after learning to craft torches today we expored and found tons of ore and another exit, leaving torches throughout for the future.

I built a glass wall infront of a cave for my home, and kiddo dug a home for himself that we've begun building out. So far, we've figured out how to craft a furnace and smelt with it, and a chest to store some extra inventory. Having a devil of a time trying to find some cotton to craft a bed with, and some red dye for that, but I've found a jungle where this is supposed to be, but trying to teleport there has been unsuccessful (I have no idea how the coordinate system works, it seemed straightforward, but discovering current location is harder than I thought) I've installed a crafting guide mod, but now I need to find materials for a blue book to make it useful.

Eventually we'll find our way to the server, but I want us all to understand the game better before getting into multiplayer. Everything seems to take longer than I'd like - but steel tools are a huge help!

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I forgot I had this account.

August 28, 2018 — kirch

I was so busy playing around with the fine folks at that I completely forgot I had an account here, too. Perhaps I can think of a better way to utilize all this awesomeness, it is unfortunate that keeps it's IRC as localonly, thus necessitating a ssh tunnel to chat with the locals there, but that's how it is, so that's how it is.

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