Date: 2022-12-06 00:00

Post: Low data life

For almost a year now, i do not have acces to internet, this is not my choice and i can not get internet back. Here in the country i live in, there is a Mobile Carrier that offers 50MB per day, for logging into their app, which sadly requires internet.

So i go almost every day to a nearby public wifi and activate it. Dowonload apps, youtube videos anime and books on my phone.

The problem is that i alsi want to comunicate and do other things on the internet, so i started using gemini for browsing the web. Xmpp, and other chating apps do not use much data.

I recently started using a app called Violoncello, it is a text only browser for android.

I do use Pleroma sometimes, from Husky disabeling auto media dowonload

Soo this is my post. > This is Ariel, a mirage, logging out!