Date: 2023-05-13 00:00

Post: Super Skills

"Over my life surfing the internet, mostly watching youtube, i have discovered a couple of skills that can make you seem superhuman.

Memory techniques

In our life, remembering things clearly is a very powerful skill. Because the world’s education systems require remembering a lot of stuff, these techniques become a cheat code to studying. Learning poems, remembering entire books word for word, a huge amount of digits of Pi and other such stuff become easy(relatively).

The most known and used technique is the Mind Palace, sometimes also called the Method of Loci.

There are also pegs, lists of numbers that are associated with shapes, or rimes.There are also pegs, lists of numbers that are associated with shapes, or rimes.

Lucid dreaming

This one is my favorite, it makes you concious while in a dream, and with some practice you can start to influence and change the dream scenery, it also allows you to practice skills while sleeping, like playing a sport, an instrument or martial arts.

I am trying to figure it out, for 2 years now, but never had a lucid dream.

Even just learning to remember and write down your dreams ,dream recall, and influence the nightmares that you have is amazing in and of itself.

Speed reading

In our life, we have a lot of stuff to read, and being able to read and remember what you’ve read at 500 words per minute is a amazing skill, just think about how much more you would be able to read.

This skill mostly consists of not subvocalizing, thinking in your head with an voice,and imagining scenery while reading to reinforce the memory.

This is a skill i am somewhat good at.

Cold Reading

Cold reading is a way of ‘reading someone’s mind’, without actually reading it. By learning these technique you can become a ‘psychic’, and a very believable one at that. I am not that knowledgeable about this, but it seems fun.

Self hypnosis

This one is weird, with it you are able to change your opinions about things faster, motivate yourself or just relax.


Meditating makes you more calm and composed, it makes you remove the self from your opinions.

Strategic thinking

This is another topic i am almost clueless about, but it allows users to efficiently plan their days, and make decisions like war generals.

I hope my post was a nice one, i was going to post another one instead " Become my friend", it was written at the same time as the last post, but it hasn’t aged well, as I’ve found some amazing people on the fediverse.

This is your god, Ariel. :)