Date: 2023-05-20 00:00

Post: Using dreams to your advantage

Dreaming is a action performed by humans and animals alike every time they sleep. They take up a good portion of our sleep and life and are a great source of self improvement. Some affirm that they do not dream but that is false, dreams occur at about every 90 minutes of sleep and the average adult has 5 to 6 dreams a night with ones closer to waking up spanning longer amounts of time(about a hour).


The first thing you can use dreams for is coming up with ideas, as dreams are really weird and random, they can help you gain ideas

Understanding yourself

Dreams are a good tool to learn about yourself. By analyzing patterns in your dreams, you can understand your fears, desires and emotions.

Problem solving

As with creativity, we can induce dreams and allow them to aid us into solving problems in our daily life.

As you’ve read here, dream are a very amazing thing nature has given to us and learning to recall them trough dream journaling, inducing and controlling them is a very helpful thing.

So yea, i am running out of posting ideas again,might switch to posting only on Saturdays.