Date: 2023-05-06 00:00

Post: Visual Novels the supreme form of media

Small Note, i moved the capsule from another place and modified it while keeping the posts. Sorry for not posting until now,i will do my best to get 2 posts per week.Enjoy~!

Visual novels are an interesting form of games, they are the hybrid between games and novels, providing both a minimalism close to books while enhancing it with decisions and graphics.

I personally am an impulsive person, i start playing a game and get bored quickly of them, i think the most i played games in a row was 1 month. My cycle consists of:

In this context, the games that i can play the most are the types that can keep me excited for a long time and those are ones with a good story or rhythm games.

Visual novels are one of them, even if a play only one route most of that time, and i haven’t played a lot either.

So why do i like them so much? I always loved how novels no not show you everything like movies or manga dose, and at most you get some character illustrations. Visual novels keep that feel, while enhancing it with music, more images and sometimes voice acting while at the same time, making me feel like i actually am the main character, and am making the choices. (From my dreams, i noticed that i am most of the time a third-party looking from afar at how my body and other dream entities interact.)

What is different in games and visual novels that think are like them, is that between the story points, you have a lot of grinding to do, killing monsters, walking to another city etc. and i do not enjoy it much. Probably the fact that most games don’t run on my PC is another reason.