Help the unexperienced!

Date: July 24 2021

This is a message to all technical folks out there who get annoyed when unexperienced users ask something obvious, Help them! We don't need another Eternel September where we villify and mock the unexperienced, if you wanna complain instead of helping them then go ahead but I want you to know that you aren't doing the world a favor by mocking them, they won't change just because you mock them, they won't know HTTPS standard instantly when you mock them, they simply won't improve.

As much as you wanna make fun of the new person, try to help them, they are in a new environment that seems foreign to them and that's bad, a new person will look towards anyone for help, and not everyone is a good person, some will try to manipulate them into damaging their systems, others will mock them and make them feel left out, others will try to scam them out of their money.

But there is also an important rule, (on and other services and websites) Don't tell them how to do it, but teach them what every step does and correct them when they make mistakes, this is the best way to teach someone, by helping them understand every little thing they are doing, I saw someone asking how to download a file in Linux, a simple question, and someone answered by giving them the command and telling them how to launch the command line, what each part of the command does etc. That user now knows what wget does, how to use it and how to run commands. The best thing about this method is if someone is asking a basic question, you will most likely have taught them MORE than what they expected, if the wget question was answered differently with just a command then the user might have to look online for how to run a command, and thus wasted extra time beyond just waiting for an answer.

The good thing is that we are entering into a phase where more users are starting to become more experienced, ransomware attacks and malware attacks are difficult to pull off on an experienced Windows user who knows how they will try to manipulate you into running a virus, the wannacry virus affected millions of people, it didn't rely on social engineering, it relied on security vulnerabilities, maybe the future will have no viruses, no malware and no tech support scammers because people won't fall for those anymore, the most common victims of scams or viruses or malware are often old people who have no technological experience and don't know not everyone on the internet can be trusted. Young people grew up with the internet, they know what they are usually doing and how to stay secure so they don't fall for attacks as often as unexperienced people do.

So after all of this, help your parents, grandparents or anyone in your family when they ask for help even if it's "dumb" you are doing them a huge favor, if you are unexperienced and you receive help then say "thanks" in a nice, polite tone, don't mock them. I hope we can live in an age where everyone knows about cybersecurity, and it might happen in the future, as we lose manufacturing jobs due to automation, we are gaining computer and technological jobs a whole lot more, and these jobs require that people know basic cybersecurity so maybe in the future we might just have a nice virus-free experience.

I also hope that in the future, Windows will be gone, but that's just a dream.