Why bother with Linux?

Date: July 21 2021

"Why bother with Linux when there are other options? Why would someone want to build their own OS, that sounds like so much hard work!" They'll say, usually the people saying this are defending Windows or MacOS. But they do have a point, why would anyone bother with Linux? Most people use their computer for work or personal reasons, mainly browsing the internet or playing games. Most people don't wanna worry about if their kernel is up to date and they don't wanna spend hours fixing problems, That's all fair! Linux sounds like a waste of time...

But I only said "Most people", not everyone fits into that category, there exists people like me who want to hack their system completely and know every single thing that is inside of it at all times, others want to maximize efficiency by using tiling window manages, lightweight programs, others want a private system so they buy liberated Thinkpad X200's that run Trisquel. No matter how much you try to ignore it, there will always exist people who want to do things differently than MacOS and Windows.

The good thing about Linux is the fact that it's diverse, if Linux and GNU weren't free software, and were instead proprietary software that had very strict guidelines and protocols, then they would be outcompeted by Windows already, Linux is still a large part of the market share because it's unique, you can shape Linux into anything that you want, Linux and the FOSS community didn't submit to Windows, they created their own tools and libraries and programs, and these tools could be combined into an Operating system and in most cases it's better, faster and more secure than Windows.

That's why people bother with Linux, it's not an annoying beast of code, it's a tool that can free you and show you a world of creativity, security and efficiency. Linux isn't just a kernel, it's a community.