Why I like Linux.

Date: July 21 2021

I like Linux for many different reasons, but forget security, privacy and customizability, those are all side benefits from the ultimate reason why I like Linux and why I think Linux is so good, I think the reason why Linux, GNU and all of those other FOSS projects are all great is because they are independent components developed by groups of people who dedicated their time, money and energy developing it and then releasing it and it's source code to the world, It's not like Windows where the code was developed by Microsoft for a commercial/home/personal usage and it's source code was hidden and also, it's not independent, Windows might install a lot of apps that you don't want or features and bugs that are harmful (NSA Backdoors, Advertisements in the Home Menu Etc.) Windows is very clearly designed for a profit motive, Microsoft expects money or information from the people using Windows. Linux which doesn't force you to install a strict set of apps, you can choose which set of apps to install, very clearly, and if you aren't happy then you can usually remove it very easily, and you can also see how it works to customize it for your own purposes.

It's not just the Linux kernel but it's also the GNU Software, the X Windowing system, the Xiph.org Theora/Vorbis codecs and formats, Python. Almost every open-source app on your computer came from a different group of people with different interests who were opposed to the proprietary alternatives at the time. This creates so much variety, if you don't like Ubuntu maybe because Canonical is a bit corporate and commercial when it comes to Linux, then you can switch to Debian or Trisquel, there are just so many varieties of Linux.

Linux and open-source projects are obviously good for the home user, but they are also great for businesses who want to save money, or who might wanna develop a distribution of Linux for a cash register, or businesses who want to host their servers on Linux because it's cheaper than Windows.