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I’m alive!

January 14, 2021 — ~spider

I didn’t post for a while but I’m still here, I’ve been drawn in to this weird tilde community. Time for a small intro.

I’m half asleep while writing this but that’s part of the fun of it, perfect time to brain dump.

I’m an Australian sysadmin/programmer. I have a talking parrot, solve rubiks cubes for fun and enjoy ice skating.

The last few months my interest in linux has sky rocketed. At home I went from windows 10, to arch, to gentoo :D

I’ve never used a multi user linux system before and I’m having a blast :)

But now it’s time to sleep. Goodnight tildies, say hi on IRC or send me an email!


Hello World

November 30, 2020 — ~spider

This is my first blog post?

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