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Status of PinePhone Manjaro Apps

September 04, 2020 — ~supernova

I am looking forward to being able to use the PinePhone as a daily driver. But it needs a certain set of apps for me to switch. Manjaro has been very stable so I am trying to use it when I have time to do some testing. So far here is where my list of needed apps stands:

  • Camera: built-in app, works but low quality right now

  • Gallery:

  • Music:

  • RSS feeds:

  • Messengers: Dino, Telegram

  • Web browser: Firefox, Web, Midori

  • OTP:

  • Podcasts:

  • Maps: built-in app

  • Weather:

  • Phone/SMS: built-in, haven’t tested very much

  • Contacts & Calendar via DAV: Use Evolution app to setup DAV to email provider, can then use built-in Calendar and Contacts apps

  • Password manager:

  • VPN/Wireguard: Wireguard config fails on setting up iptables rules. A missing kernel option??

  • Bookmarks manager:

  • Photo uploads to server:

  • Snapd/AppImage:

  • Bluetooth headset

tags: pinephone, manjaro, daily-driver

timestamp: 2020-09-04 19:48:24