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Soon I’ll engage more in tildeverse

November 15, 2023 — ~tai

I’ve been very busy and unable to participate in tildeverse as I wish. I wish a lot.

Soon I’ll make it.

This is my promise to myself.


Title on this line

October 27, 2023 — ~tai

The rest of the text file is a Markdown blog post. The process will continue as soon as you exit your editor.

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Programming languages suck

October 27, 2023 — ~tai

Bash sucks.

Java sucks a lot.

Kotlin sucks more than everything.

C also sucks and part of it is due to bad C programmers.

C++ sucks less than C, but also sucks a lot.

Rust sucks too, but less than C++.

Python sucks less than most languages, but sucks a lot in its OOP syntax.

Javascript sucks so much, and sucks even more due tue its bad developers.

Typescript sucks, but much less.

LISP also sucks.

Octave sucks somehow, but does not sucks much because it is only useful for math stuff.

R is same as Octave: does not suck because it is only useful for very specific context.

Generic programming languages tend to suck in a way or other.

Rust sucks more than it should due to Cargo being as trashy as Gradle.

We can then classify languages by how much they suck:

Kotlin > Java > Javascript > LISP > C > Bash > C++ > Rust > Python > Typescript > Octave > R

Kotlin is the worst thing to be ever invented in the programming language world, AFAIK. But, probably there is something worse than it which I have the luck to not know yet.

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Just some thoughts

October 26, 2023 — ~tai

I wish I had managed my time better so that I could enjoy more the tildeverse.

Soon I’ll do it.

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First post here

October 16, 2023 — ~tai

Hello there!

I’m still learning the tools available in tildeverse, such as bashblog.

See you :)