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hey, im owen. im a student interested in open-source, linux, and software stuff in general. when not doing this i enjoy amateur radio, reading, biking, building slightly unsafe things with old computer parts and going on irc.

im a quite quiet person so dont be offended if i "ignore" you if we meet in person

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About time I write something here again :3

via konomo's blog on January 19, 2021

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Apology Letter To hisacro

I am sorry my "stream is Arse, all of them sounds same". I will fix that... Thank you for your feedback.

via isvaraparamahkrsnah's journal on October 29, 2020

Have malicious SSH attacks increased since COVID-19 began? Yes.

In a normal 24hr period, there are on average 20-30 failed logins. By mid-February, I was getting 40-50. By early March, as many as 100. On the 7th, I went off to Code4Lib in Pittsburgh and new fails per 24hrs hit 150 per night.

via anelki.net on April 27, 2020