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This little project is a product of Agora Road, an online community where the past meets the present and ideas find their voice — all of this while being the best kept secret on the Internet. Born as a vaporwave-themed forum, Agora Road has evolved into a bustling hub where discussions span across a wide array of fascinating topics, including the infamous "Dead Internet Theory" (but hey, let's not dwell on that too much).

At Agora Road, we embrace the unique and the unconventional. It's a place where travelers from all around the Net come together to share their passions and exchange ideas. Dive into our forums, and you'll find discussions that range from the latest political shenanigans to nostalgic trips down memory lane and deep philosophical essays. It's like stepping into a time capsule of internet culture, where every click uncovers a new gem.

Joining Agora Road means joining a community that celebrates creativity and the freedom to explore. No matter your interests, whether it's technology, gaming, or even discussing the mysteries of the universe, you'll find people who are eager to connect and share their knowledge.

We decided, however, not to stop at the forum. Lots of us have personal websites and blogs, which we use to express ourselves in the most free way possible. Knowing that following a bunch of different sites isn't the most proactical of things, feeds (RSS or Atom) come into play: anyone can subscribe to one of them and be informed of recent changes. If you're too lazy to subscribe to them, this page lists any new entries published within last year, so you'll never miss new stuff again.

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Who is involved

As of the 23rd of August 2023, the feed serves entries from the following sites: