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My laptop’s Odyssey

This November started with the best intents: no more procrastinating, no more music to avoid feeling blue, more reading and writing. It turns out the Plan was quite different.

On 7th November 2022, my laptop’s mainboard suddenly stopped working, maybe for a short-circuit. My heart stopped beating for an instant: I was doing nothing too intense for my machine, I was sure it had no viruses inside and I hadn’t dropped it by accident. I tried opening it up for a quick check, but everything was at its place. Removing and reinserting the battery just confirmed the problem was quite severe.

After a crazy expense, it came back working; and after some issues with the hard drives, I can say we’re back online. I hope nothing like this will ever happen again, not only for the cost, but also because I have no intention to lose such an easy and smooth access to my data — even if they don’t get corrupted per se.