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RAID change; reboot

6 jan 2019 - ~fosslinux

yesterday/today, depending on your timezone, ~team rebooted. this was in order for ~ben to change the raid config.

as some of you may have noticed, we had been running out of disk space. the raid config was raid 1 between two disks, however, a poll on the mailing list found that the ~teamverse would prefer to have raid 0 with more disk space as opposed to the small redundancy raid 1 gives.

we already have hourly backups, so if one disk goes down, we just need to wait for hetzner to replace the disk and restore the backup. while raid 0 means more downtime if one disk goes down, we have far more space.

there were a few issues, but they have been ironed out. any processes you were running will now be stopped and you will have to reconnect back to irc if you had your irc client running on ~team. thelounge should have automatically reconnected.

if there's any further issues, let ~ben know on irc or at <ben at ttm dot sh>.

once again, thanks to ~ben for the work he does maintaining ~team!