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a digital community for socializing, learning, and making cool stuff

tilde.team is a shared system that provides an inclusive, non-commercial space for teaching, learning, practicing and enjoying the social medium of unix.

i created this tilde after hearing about paul ford's tilde.club. when i was unable to join due to the waitlist, i decided to create my own tilde.

thanks for stopping by!

tilde.team is a founding member of tildeverse.org, which is a collaborative effort among several other tilde servers.

hosting and domains are paid out-of-pocket. tilde.team will always be free to use. however, if you are able and willing to pitch in, you can donate here.



other tilde.team stuff

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wiki upgrades

jul 2 2019 - ben

it's been pretty quiet on the tilde.team lately. everything's humming along smoothly in the background. irc has been the place to be. if you haven't stopped by in a while, please do check in and say hi!

in other news, i was struck by inspiration today and finally sat down to figure out how to get auto-linked headers on the wiki so that you can link directly to a section by header.

give it a try!

tilde.team expected maintenance

apr 14 2019 - khuxkm

Hey all! ~khuxkm here.

Just wanted to let everybody know that around next Saturday, we'll be moving to a new host at OVH!

OVH currently hosts Tildeverse member YourTilde. Our new machine is b e e f y~

There will be a period of expected downtime as we migrate. Just wait, and we'll make your experience worth every second!

This will affect all tildeverse services hosted on the tilde.team server. This includes mastodon, pleroma, cryptpad, git, paste, nullpointer, etc.

Always working to help improve this server,

~khuxkm and the tilde.team admins

edit: i had some free time tonight and did the migration early. we're on the new box! everything should be up and running on the new box. please let an admin know if something is amiss. if you get a MITM warning from ssh, please remove the offending entry from known_hosts. the expected key signature is: SHA256:R3qNfKIF3IiXhKCbFX6rCKl73yzexi9Wodsow6XFres. ~ben

RAID change; reboot

6 jan 2019 - fosslinux

yesterday/today, depending on your timezone, ~team rebooted. this was in order for ~ben to change the raid config.

as some of you may have noticed, we had been running out of disk space. the raid config was raid 1 between two disks, however, a poll on the mailing list found that the ~teamverse would prefer to have raid 0 with more disk space as opposed to the small redundancy raid 1 gives.

we already have hourly backups, so if one disk goes down, we just need to wait for hetzner to replace the disk and restore the backup. while raid 0 means more downtime if one disk goes down, we have far more space.

there were a few issues, but they have been ironed out. any processes you were running will now be stopped and you will have to reconnect back to irc if you had your irc client running on ~team. thelounge should have automatically reconnected.

if there's any further issues, let ~ben know on irc or at <ben at ttm dot sh>.

once again, thanks to ~ben for the work he does maintaining ~team!

~current projects~

on our gitea



site, wiki, and css theme



tilde.team blogging platform


welcome script


gopherhole tool



A script that allows admins of tilde.team to make user accounts easily.


command line virtual plant buddy


An IRC bot framework. Built for and on tilde.team.



this repo is deprecated in favor of https://tildegit.org/team/site/src/master/css



tilde.team customized fork of bashblog



A PHP read-only client for BBJ.


Tilde program launcher


An IRC/BBJ bot that will help you stay accountable!



forum.tilde.team elixir/phoenix app


hacky auth api


fork of tilde.club infra/conf

our mastodon feed