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a digital community for socializing, learning, and making cool stuff

tilde.team is one tiny standard unix computer in the cloud that anyone can use and learn to use in the shared pursuit of cool sites and unix tools.

i created this site after hearing about paul ford's tilde.club. when i was unable to join due to the waitlist, i decided to create my own tilde.

thanks for stopping by!


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other tilde.team stuff

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thelounge irc webclient

march 2018 - ~ben

i'm now hosting a thelounge instance on the tilde.team server. let me know if you want to use it and i'll add your user. i haven't figured out how to integrate the thelounge accounts with the tilde.team accounts, but i'm looking into it.

github projects on homepage

march 2018 - ~ben

the homepage now lists all public projects on the tilde.team github org! let me know if you want me to add you :)


march 2018 - ~ben

after a couple attempts to run an irc server on the tilde box, i ended up just creating a channel (##tilde.team) on freenode.net. stop by!


feb 2018 - ~ben

hey all, we now have a forum! log in with your tilde account and discuss.
inspired by oods.net, forked, and then rewritten in elixir for fun :)

happy new year!!

jan 1, 2018 - ~ben

happy new year from everyone at your favorite internet community! hope you had a great holiday with friends and family!

tilde.team bootstrap theme :)

dec 2017 - ~ben

the tilde.team css is a fork of Brobin/hacker-bootstrap. the main changes are increased font size and a fix for the background color of <pre> tags. have a look! anyone can link to the compiled css here

tilde.team github org

dec 2017 - ~ben

ICYMI, tilde.team has a github org for any projects that you may be working on!

the source code for this home page is out there (the theme too), along with a few other repos.


dec 2017 - ~ben

there is also a discord server for the tilde team :) come say hi!


dec 2017 - ~ben

hey tilders, there's a mastodon instance out there at social.tilde.team for members of the tilde community (and any others who are interested in an actually social social network. see you on there!

username dns redirects

dec 2017 - ~ben

hey all
there is now a dns record (and virtual host) that will redirect requests from [user].tilde.team to tilde.team/~[user] -- for example ben.tilde.team redirects to tilde.team/~ben

also, the redirect preserves paths, so you can link to something under your user directory like this ben.tilde.team/blog => becomes tilde.team/~ben/blog

there are no ssl certs for these subdomains, so you will have to request those with plain http

edit: there is now a wildcard cert from letsencrypt for *.tilde.team, so you can use https with your username as a subdomain!! :)

good news everyone

dec 28, 2017 - ~ben

there's a news feed on the homepage now!! whenever there is any news, it will be posted here. if you have any big news, make a pull request on the github repo and then ~ben or another github admin can merge it

first post

a not so long time ago - ~ben

hi this is the first news post

~current projects~

on our github org


hour of code project



tilde.team homepage



getting some practice with git GUIs


info about the tilde.team mastodon instance



Code and documentation for setting up and managing a tilde.club server



/etc/skel for the tilde.team machine



:squirrel: A Bootstrap theme for 1337 H4x0rs



Virtual Iterative Recursive User Shell



The source for the tilde.team forum software (inspired by oods.net, rewritten in elixir)



hacky auth api for tilde.team


Dark, minimalist, type-focused theme for The Lounge.


💬 The Lounge — Modern self-hosted web IRC client



dark monospace zenburn for thelounge



A modern IRC server written in Go.