hello! i am fanoplanes (they/them). i'm from central europe you can contact me through email at fanoplanes@tilde.team you can also find me at @fanoplanes:matrix.org

i also have mastodon

~benko11 is my boyfriend and I need you to be very nice to them!

i spend most of my time tinkering with linux (arch btw), working, reading, or listening to music

some music to check out:

best book i've read in quite a while was sefer yetzira now i'm trying to push myself to read anti-oedipus

i speak slovak and english, can understand bits of polish, german and russian; I have a soft spot in my heart for C, since it was my first, I can kind of use racket and I have a fascination for haskell

here's my keybase

and my PGP key

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