Hiya! My name's MATHPUNK! I don't put too much content on the Web anymore - though at one point I planned to, and probably will in the future, for the time being I'm a lot more active on Geminispace and Gopherspace. I'm big into DIY, ranging from things as simple as cooking my own food to as complex as self-hosting internet services. Eventually, I'll have my own self-hosted capsule, gopherhole, and website, all of which will be linked here. I'm an aspiring hacker, in the old sense of that term, though I know very little about computers and programming at the moment.

Places you can find me online:

You can email me at mathpunk[at]fuckup.club. Please use my public key as often as possible, to normalize encryption of private conversations. If you don't know what that is or what to do with it, please check out this tutorial, or ask me for help!