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getting started

this guide is not very thorough or complete. if you want something nicer, try our cli for beginners article.

Welcome New to the command line and all this webby cowfoolery? You're in luck! Here's a basic HELLO WORLD tutorial.

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Logging in

Windows 10

Legacy Windows



Finding your index.php file

There are some basic command line commands you'll want to Google and learn, but for this tutorial you only need a few:

Type: ls to see where you are. You should see a directory called "public_html"

Type: cd public_html to move into that folder. (cd stands for change directory.)

Type: ls to see where you are. You should see your index.php file

Editing your index.php file

Type: nano index.php to open your index.php file and begin editing

Edit your file, willy nilly

When done editing, use ctrl + x to close the file

You'll be asked if you want to save; say y and to return to the command line

Refresh your tilde page in your browser to see your new website

Note: If at any time you feel you made a mistake in editing, you can exit and n to not save.

see the advanced ssh key guide for more information and cool tips :)