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also see the known tildes section on tilde.wiki.

status tilde name description where to join
bonn.cafe bonn.cafe is a tilde running on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 and is located in the Old Town of Bonn, Germany. It strives to be a calm, creative playground with a focus on learning and smol computing. Send email to olav@bonn.cafe with your ssh pubkey, desired username, and a statement describing your interest in joining.
cosmic.voyage cosmic.voyage is an Ubuntu server focused on collaborative sci-fi storytelling. The background story is visible on the homepage. New authors are welcome to join and take on the voice of various ships, outposts, and colonies scattered across the universe, sending text messages back to a relay at Earth's L4 point. signup information here
ctrl-c.club A place for the curious to poke around and play. SSH access, web pages, games, and programming languages on tap. signup form
dimension.sh dimension.sh is a small public linux shell host (or pubnix system) that is open to anyone who wants to learn, experiment, and socialize with other like minded people. signup form
envs.net envs.net is a minimalist, non-commercial shared unix system and will always be free to use. signup here
hackers.cool A tilde.club started by some nerd at Hacker School. As such, it's got a lot of Hacker Schoolers on it, but everyone is welcome! signup form
palvelin.club Finnish language tilde server. signup form
pebble.ink pebble.ink is a project almost, but not quite, like tilde.club ask @phildini or try this signup form
piepi.art aka 🥧π.to is a tilde, art project, and zine. Users are encouraged to make their page with pi or pie related art (of any format or medium) which is currated into a zine. email your public key and desired username to kindrobot@tilde.team
projectsegfau.lt Open source development and hosted services signup form
closed protocol.club protocol.club explores the fundamental and unique learning opportunities provided by the implementation of standardized protocols. It is a place for curious minds to explore and experiment, to educate and be educated about protocols and implementations old and new alike. While inspired by tilde.club and federated with the rest of the tildeverse via NNTP (et cetera), protocol.club has a stronger focus on its particular mission and has several differences from other tilde boxes, namely: we have a Code of Conduct, and we have some resources available locally to aid development of protocol implementations and new draft protocols. We also serve pages over HTTPS. signup form
rawtext.club rawtext.club (RTC) is an experimental public access shell server with a focus on use of collaborative projects for gnu/linux skill building. Projects include simple, command line social tools and utilities, or whatever lightweight programs users are interested in. RTC does not use IRC, and instead focuses on other slower and more thoughtful forms of user interaction. Send email to admin@rawtext.club with your ssh pubkey, desired username, and a statement describing your interest in joining.
remotes.club Anyone who works remotely is welcome. signup form
rw.rs An experimental software community with a 199X aesthetic. signup via pull request
skylab.org An open-source community co-operative with ~150 members that has existed since 1997. Based in Portland, Oregon, United States with a userbase across the world, we have quietly existed. Featuring geektalk community chat, a variety of tools and hosting running on FreeBSD. Email skylabstatus@gmail.com with subject line SKYLAB.ORG and an email containing your desired username, full name, public SSH key and an acknowledgement to play nice.
squiggle.city squiggle.city is a Debian server in the spirit of tilde.club. It's for making web pages and learning about the command line. If you are reading userland, which is about how to unix, squiggle.city is a place to explore the ideas it contains. email bbearnes@gmail.com with your ssh pubkey and a promise to not be a jerk
texto-plano.xyz A small UNIX system community in the spirit of Tilde.club, RTC and the small Internet in Spanish language (we use OpenBSD) Send your public key and your username to admin@texto-plano.xyz
theasylum invite-only tilde catering to programmers of all languages join #theasylum on tilde.chat, and let us get to know you
tilde.amcforum.wiki A new small tilde that provides shell accounts to those who want to learn, or just socialise. signup instructions
tilde.cafe tilde.cafe is a new debian server offering ssh, web hosting, email and more - easy going with plans to host games signup form
tilde.fun This is a Linux machine on the internet where you can get a shell account. Message one of the admins
tilde.guru A public freebsd server focused around learning, open source and minimalism. signup instructions
tilde.institute Provides a space dedicated to the OpenBSD operating system. Includes a functional BCHS stack for users to experiment with and use to create web applications. signup form
tilde.pink A gopher only tilde, providing shell acounts with email and gopher services running on a DragonflyBSD server. The site is accessible via web proxy signup form
tilde.town tilde.town is an open, welcoming and safe place for the exploration of lo-fi HTML art, hi-fi javascript experiments, generative poetic works, and digital socialization in a post-facebook age. signup form
vern.cc ~vern is a non-commercial shared GNU/Linux system focused on services and free software signup form
xinu.me Experimental community for socializing, developing digital skills and collaborating through the system shell. In Spanish, mainly. signup instructions
down breadpunk.club breadpunk.club is a small tilde focused on bread-making and community-building. see the manifesto for more information on our mission. signup information here
down hextilde.xyz hextilde.xyz - HEXadecimal Arch Tilde signup form
down nand.club a new anti-capitalist, solarpunk tilde signup info here
down summit pubnix summit is an intentional and inclusive community for developing, making, learning, teaching, socializing, and enjoying various aspects of GNU/Linux in a free/non-commercial environment. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to ask in #pubnix on irc.tilde.chat. signup form
down southlondon.cc a nice debian server hosted in the uk. it's got ssh access, web hosting, an xmpp server that sorta works and some slightly more interesting things coming soon. take a look at this page
thunix thunix offers Secure Shell (SSH) accounts, Web Hosting, Email Accounts, and many other things to people free of charge. signup info here
down tilde.best tilde.best is a Debian server which is aiming to have a best community and best features. email root@tilde.best with your ssh pubkey, desired username and reason why you want to join
down tilde.cat This is (or rather might be) public shell server like the club, the town, or other ~ servers. signup form
down tilde.center A public unix server focused around decentralization, federation, and home-brewed open source projects. signup form
down tilde.pw tilde.pw is a unix server with some people on it and that unix server hosts webpages and other things too. signup form
down tildespark Tilde Spark is a constantly evolving intentional community devoted to free software, open hardware and meeting new people! signup info here
empty ttylde ttylde is an experimental tilde running FreeBSD. Currently seeking new members! signup form
down unix.lgbt unix.lgbt is an explictly LGBTQ+ friendly public unix/tilde! we offer web, gemini, irc and various other community services. signup form
down wilde.ftp.sh The world's first (and possibly only) Windows-based tilde! signup form
down xhec.one A brand new ~ running on OpenBSD. Seeking members and suggestions for content :) signup instructions
down yourtilde.com If you're looking for a new ~, to learn and play, come check us out. signup form