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goals and roadmap

living draft of this document

these ideas are partly about building one system (in this case, tilde.team) but also about supporting a broader ecosystem of interconnected systems.

  1. develop a clear system identity as an alternative social environment for the technically-inclined; specifically, serving as a non-commercial alternative to the mainstream, corporate-owned media and social media. the dual points of (1) an alternative social/communications medium and (2) technically inclined user base are
    important because, together, they put the users in the role of protecting (and enjoying!) the tools of communication that are currently being neutered by corporate commodification of the www.

  2. related to #1, focus on cultivating a technically-inclined user base that is aware of the societal value of non-commercial, alternative communication and social media. (not all users have to be code wizards, but it's safe to assume that the very premise of a command-line platform will weed out pure-GUI people.)

  3. provide tools, resources and encouragement for users to develop ideas and best practices for the next generation of public access unix systems (in this case, in the form of a tilde box [1]). the "next generation" is always ahead of the present, so this implies that the system is in a constant state of development and self-improvement, with a continually rolling set of goals, and regular testing and evaluation of experimental projects. --all of which is powered by user involvement in a brainstorming/experimenting/teaching/learning/doing model.

  4. related to #3, really emphasize that learning through doing is a core theme of the system.

  5. serve partly as a meta-community among other tildes and pubnixes, both spreading best practices to them and learning from experiences from them.

  6. through this development (#5) of interconnections among similar communities, develop trusted individual-based communication networks among many similar systems. here's where that federation concept comes in, possibly allowing people to have a 'home' system, and to use those credentials to visit other systems as well.

  7. last but absolutely not least --> MAKE IT FUN! it should not be a bitter place to sulk or rant about the mainstream. it should be a social environment in which users can go wild and push their creative skills to the limit. it should be a place to appreciate what does not exist on facebook and other exploitative commercial environments.

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