inspired by oodsnet, (and my pull request to add darkmode), i started to create my own fork (now

the first step was to switch out the css to the standard and update the classes for bootstrap. once i got it going and integrated with the linux auth service, i asked other tildeans for input and suggestions.

~micaiah was interested in helping, but also wanted to learn a new language and/or framework, so we decided to start over, recreating the entire forum with elixir/phoenix. we’d discussed elixir previously, but never had a convincing use case to force us to learn it.

the project is live, with the source code on github.

the thing that i’m most impressed with is the speed of the erlang runtime :D

check out these response times. sub-millisecond!?!?!

give it a look, and join the if you want to come hang out!