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user project
Learning about the .project file
To set up the gopherhole I have going
Reading "The AWK Programming Language"
primary objective:
- undecided, probably just gonna vibe
secondary objectives:
- learn vim
- learn rust
- the tildeverse (

maintaining a bunch of tildeverse and personal things
01-01-2023 patch spidermonkey to look like V8 by feature detection
No currently active projects.
Operation: Pinkeye - A retro FPS inspired by the likes of Goldeneye and Timesplitters, set in a world where the UK never formed.
~creme < >
freifunk-dresden < >

gempost - a simple gemlog manager
grsh - glorious rust shell (and maybe other utils rewritten on rust)
gros - OS in rust
Cool stuff

My current project is to create a .project

Guess that's sorted. Now what?

1. Making a list of ~ servers and related services inspired by awesome lists.
2. Created a simple Firefox addon that removes w3schools links from DuckDuckGo
    search results: 
    *Now available on Chrome*:
1. Keep my main website functioning smoothly.

2. Refine the "digital legacy" I'm creating for my descendants.
* Python HTTP caching:    
* Python biodiversity data access:
* Other open source projects:
* Macro photography:      
terrible science fiction
Save the universe before it collapses
Breakout Pong:
I'm putting Beginning Programming and the Linux Command Line Bible on hold, since classes are starting up again and I'm gonna brush up on my math by doing literal thousands of practice problems by the end of March.
Currently going through Algebra I for Dummies: 1001 Practice Problems, as well as dipping into the OpenStax algebra books to get my hands on extra problems of specific kinds whenever I need them.
I'm also brushing up on my mental math a bit.
young nerd
linux user
train cars
large ride

Learning gopher
Create webpage
just vibing
I have two artistic projects right now:

- I want to gather a lot of captcha words for a wall or a zine
- I try to build a markov chain bot fueled by a corpus from
various sects

I have to typeset three zines projects.
Refinement of my digital harem.
Learning new stuff.
a latino unix nerd and communist living in the imperial core

all projects can be found at:

upcoming (not yet pushed):
~savoy/prensa (simple rss)
~savoy/abridor (xdg-open replacement using mailcap)
~savoy/dotfiles? (dotfile boostrapper/manager)
~savoy/np (now playing status for bars or term w/album art)
tui client for lemmy
text adventure game

additionally, i also mantain the following packages for void linux:
   __________________  _______________  _____
  / __/ ___/  _/ __/ |/ /_  __/  _/ _ |/ ___/
 _\ \/ /___/ // _//    / / / _/ // __ / /__  
/___/\___/___/___/_/|_/ /_/ /___/_/ |_\___/


Solstice's the name; being the resident dumbass of's the game.
	- Playing around with audio synthesis (based on
	- Adding a programming language frontend to a logic system.
	- Maintaining a private wiki.
	- Planning a game for the Watt-Wise Game Jam (

Right now, just tinkering with and remembering the good old days.

e-mail: 	Bradley at NorthTech dot US
gopher: 	gopher://
gemini: 	gemini://
pgp:    	A0E3 9133 9067 0CCE
gpg:		curl | gpg --import 
irc:    	@freenode: tallship
Pleroma:	https://Pleroma.Cloud/tallship
Web:		https://NorthTech.US
Professionally: Currently working to streamline the design and engineering of residential solar projects. 
Personally: Slowly restoring my 1965 GMC 1000 to be a daily driver.
Reading: "Lote" by Shola von Reinhold

It's like a rich dessert, where I can take only a few bites
before I have to take a break.

Between that and looking up a lot of references I don't recognize,
it's taking me some time to get through.

But normally I zoom through the books that I enjoy,
so it's good to slow down and really savor this one.