dozens dreams



A bunch of gals came over to have brunch and have drinks. They’re older than me. My mom’s friends. They stay so long that soon the evening gals come over for dinner and drinks, and the brunch gals and the dinner gals all mix and mingle and have a big old time.

I’m hanging out around the house. It’s raining out. Somebody across the street is watching all the dogs. The doorbell rings and it’s Sati and another dog. Clever girl, learned how to use the doorbell. They want in out of the rain.

They come in and run around, and then I notice a large green frog on the carpet steps going down to the basement. It too must have come in out of the rain.

I try to scoop it up to take it outside, but it jumps away. I spend the next 30 - 40 minutes chasing this frog around as it hides and tries to evade me. It’s pretty big, the size of a small cat, but it can flatten out and bunch up really small and also turn mostly transparent when it wants to. When it’s not being small and transparent, it is beautiful with colorful patterns and whorls of blue and green. I’m tempted to keep it as a pet, but I don’t have anything to keep it in and I’m not sure how much and how often to feed it, so I decide to set it outside.

Eventually it jumps into a compost bin and is trapped there, so I’m able to catch it.

It set it ouside and it hops away and I feel sad to see it go, but also feel certain that I made the right choice.