The name of my band is Dozens and the Merry Bakers. You can listen to our albums here.

  1. The Silver Comets Present: Herbert Walker Christ, Long Haul Trucker In Outer Space!
  2. Message Flow in the Hexagonal Paradigm
  3. Significant Whitespace

The Silver Comets Present: Herbert Walker Christ, Long Haul Trucker In Outer Space!

Released February 2022

This is the kind of sad cosmic electronic country music to get drunk to at a truck stop in the asteroid belt. -Pal Mistletoe


  1. In Space Nobody Knows You’re A Dog
  2. Lagrange Points 1 and 2
  3. Sky Riders In The Sky
  4. Green House Blue Eyes (Three Sheets To The Wind Outside A Venusian Whorehouse)
  5. Solar Flares and Polar Bears (The Ice Caps Aren’t Melting, Those Are My Tears)
  6. Cryptids Of Mars (Red Yeti)
  7. My Tequila’s Got A Wormhole In It
  8. Artificial Gravity Feels Real Enough (Let’s Get Together)
  9. The Sun Never Sets If You’re Not On A Planet
  10. When I Hyper Sleep I Hyper Dream Of You
  11. Jovian Nights (Don’t Go To Callisto)
  12. Lagrange Point 3
  13. Bonus Track: Space Jesus Don’t Like Me

Message Flow in the Hexagonal Paradigm

Released January 2022

What people are saying about Message Flow in the Hexagonal Paradigm:

It combines the fastpaced frenzy of a hot chiptune videogame soundtrack, and the soaring melodies of the soundrack from a Disney princess movie. -Dale

The real paradigm shift for me is that, all my messages are flowing through the hexagon. -Jessica Knives

Listen now!


  1. Message Flow! (In The Hexagonal Paradigm) – 8:01
  2. “Microservice” – 2:08
  3. Driving Forces (Looking For A New Shape) – 4:33
  4. It’s Just A Hexagon (It’s Just A Microservice) – 4:01
  5. Let The Message Flow (All Around You But Also Through The Hexagon) – 2:02
  6. Request? Response? Or One-Way! – 5:40
  7. System Gateway (Enter The Flow) – 3:33
  8. Go Go Don’t Stop (Shifting The Paradigm) - 5:23
  9. Fire And Forget – 4:04
  10. Six Sides To Every Coin - 6:66
  11. All My Exes Live In Hexes - 3:59
  12. Message Flow Reprise – 11:05
  13. Paradigm Shift (For You And Me) – 3:09

Significant Whitespace

Released 2020

Hear what people are saying about Significant Whitespace:

Every track a soaring love song tinged with sorrow and the fear of loss. Just the way I like it! -Deno Phillips

I cried. I’m still crying. -Thirteen Julia

Listen to it now:


  1. Tabs vs. spaces (Don’t wanna fight u) – 3:06
  2. Indentation on my heart – 2:55
  3. 1, 2, 3, 4 (How many spaces do you put in a tab?) – 4:01
  4. Coda – 2:12
  5. What’s so wrong with brackets? – 3:09
  6. I’d rather have 1-based indexing (than lose you again) – 4:12
  7. My heart is an empty space (without u) – 5:02
  8. I need closures (Not over u yet) – 6:43
  9. Copy & Paste (you into my life) – 3:33
  10. Why don’t we do it? (Everyone’s doing it) – 4:03
  11. Don’t backspace me, Baby (Please don’t do it) – 5:12