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Introduction and Various Other Things

February 22, 2020 — ~shawstinkie

Greetings, my name is Duy (I go by the alias "~Shawstinkie"). I'm really new to the linux world. I really like tinkering with stuff that I don't understand inevitably breaking something in the process :-). I'm sorry if I cause any problems. I genuinely have no clue what I'm doing.

Why the alias?

The alias Shawstinkie was originally created by a name generator for a D&D character. It really doesn't have a profound meaning.

Who are you?

Oh boy, I'm currently a high school student. I'm one of those really really weird high school students who everyone finds peculiar. I like finding niche things to learn about and niche communities with people to interact with. I'm willing to learn anything if someone is willing is sit and teach me. I'm just tinkering with stuff now but I do plan on sharing the knowledge when I feel like I'm good enough at transferring my thoughts to others. If you want to try teaching someone something, anything really, please contact me. I'd love to learn what you have.

How can I contact you?

Through the power of email of course! :-)

Email(ROT13): qhlgena1017@tznvy.pbz


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