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Subtronics – “FRACTALS” (2022)

I’m sorry, I had to do it. I must include some cheesy, loud music in this section. Honourable mentions to Skrillex, Metallica and any terrorcore album; two of these will be dealt with in later posts this year. But for now, this Music Wednesday features a sort-of-new album that opened my eyes about the modern dubstep scene, beyond the old-school Zomboy and Virtual Riot. Let me introduce “FRACTALS” by Subtronics.

The overall mood is a continuous scraping of the tracks against a sonic barrier that barely keeps them confined. This dubstep cliché is even stronger thanks to secondary sounds that explode even at actual low volumes. I don’t expect everyone to like this quirk, but it surely has its aesthetic and “technical” sense when looked through the lens of EDM, a genre which never went out of the loudness war.

This sonic pressure/oppression comes with metal, drum ‘n’ bass and cinematic influences. The intro O.P.U.S. is the most cinema-inspired, as it sets a futuristic-ish mood for anything that follows. My most recommended tracks are Gummy Worm, the most balanced and also the one I stumpled upon first to then check out the album; Gassed Up, one of the most “in your face” tracks; Into Pieces, whose acoustic version I can’t recommend enough.