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A somewhat creepy movie

Last night, I watched The Immaculate Room after seeing it on my trusty tracker. It’s been quite an experience.

The movie’s main gimmick is clear from the beginning: a somewhat rough couple is chosen by an anonymous rich man to play a weird game: they have to stay in a white, almost empty room for fifty days, with no outside connections/communication nor even entertainment. The situation obviously degenerates in predictable ways; the twists were loud and clear nonetheless.

The minimal and electronic soundtrack does its job (there is even a psytrance drop at two thirds of the movie). I have no experience to judge the actors’ preformances (I can only say whether an actor did a terrible job), the two main characters have been quite interesting: the man is a rich-kid dreamer and the woman tries quite hard to convince herself to be tough — she’s the real protagonist, as it’s clear ten minutes in. Some pop culture references will get quite old pretty fast, in my opinion.

I don’t know if I would rewatch The Immaculate Room, but I recommend it to you for a night out of the ordinary.