Yet another average user.

A new launch (hoping for the best)

After only some time, here we go again. My personal website, Mark III. I didn’t think I would nuke everything again, but I felt I needed it. After the fall of Yesterweb thanks to one of its admins, I wondered what was the use of the vanity metrics I was checking on my Neocities page. I think I found the answer: nothing, both because I shouldn’t care, being in a Small Web environment, and because those numbers are mostly bots coming from the former biggest webring in my bubble. Luckily, it didn’t take me too much time to find a feasible solution.

I’ve been on ~team for quite a while, and my experience has always been more than fine: the pubnix offers many useful services (PHP web-hosting, e-mail address and a bit of space on a Nextcloud instance, just to name a few) and the community is wonderful, especially when it’s time to dig some alternative topics such as Gemini. My only concern was about separating English and Italian writings, but Zola can more or less handle that.

I have no certainties about this site’s version but one: this is the last time I swap both host and build chain. I can’t recommend doing this unless for a very good reason.