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Ready for 2024

2023 is coming to an end, if you didn’t notice. The only thing I can say about this year is something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot of change!”. I graduated, I sought professional help, I met awesome new people, I gave myself the luxury of some small, crazy experiences.

The end of the year usually comes with resolutions for the next Earth cycle, even though they don’t seem to help personal growth. Nonetheless, I looked for some actual resolutions to stand by in 2024. The idea is to consolidate some good habits.

  • Once a week, I will update this blog with a small music recommendation, based on what I’ll be listening; this thing will be called Music Wednesday, since I stole the idea from what I used to do with a friend of mine.
  • Every Sunday, I will update my gemlog (in Italian) with a summary of my week; I chose Sunday because it will be easier to include the optional Saturday night adventure.
  • I will keep using my bullet journal: this is the only good habit I managed to consistently keep throughout the year, at least for the part concerning the daily logging; I don’t want to give it up, because it made me save almost all of the good memories I collected this year.
  • I will make more extensive use of my Memex/Zettlekasten; for now, connections between Zettles are almost non-existent and my Obsidian graph isn’t anemic solely thanks to tags.

If everything goes according to plan, the first Music Wednesday will be published on January 3rd.