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The Bloody Beetroots — “The Great Electronic Swindle” (2017)

For an EDM-head like me, going too much outside the already-heard is hard: acoustic soundscapes such as “The Kick Inside” hardly make me come back, even if they don’t challenge me that much. However, if I find an album like “The Great Electronic Swindle” by The Bloody Beetroots, not only I will come back, but people will pray I go away.

The mixture of dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass and metal sounds leaves me speechless: listening to My Name Is Thunder, Pirates, Punks & Politics or Enter The Void is enough to get what I’m talinkg about. This work goes from rage in All Black Everything to the joyfulness in Invisible and Hollywood Surf Club. If you listen to this on Deezer, you can also enjoy some bonus tracks which, if I remember correctly, are not available on Spotify.